How Creative App Marketing Complements Paid Advertising To Drive Your App Installs

How Creative App Marketing Complements Paid Advertising To Drive Your App Installs

With the huge focus on organic app marketing strategies, it is tempting to concentrate only on non-paid techniques to boost your app installs. Whilst these strategies often produce results, you will miss out on the return-on-investment kickback of well-placed paid advertising.

With the right strategy, paid advertising can almost instantly place your ad in front of a huge audience, quickly drumming up interest in your app through word-of-mouth. In fact, app installs from paid advertising boost organic installs by as much as 150%.

We Help to Capture Your Users’ Mood on Snapchat

While Facebook is clearly the biggest social media platform in the world, significant traffic can still be driven from other major platforms. Besides opening up different perspectives and tapping a new user base, you can expand your reach by optimising your paid advertising through less competitive platforms.

Snapchat has grown in popularity by focusing on its users’ impulsive nature. By implementing ideas on demand and matching the energy levels and mood of the platform’s users, it’s possible to boost app downloads. If funny cats or pretty women are what your audience wants to see, we find ways to use them in your lenses, ads and filters.

Targeted In-App Advertising through the Power of Facebook

The only way to monetise your app without asking your users for money directly is through in-app advertising. This is important as you can offer a full-featured app to users without any installation barriers while earning revenue.

We use the Facebook Audience Network to target ads to your audience’s interests. When we serve ads on your app that are in sync with their interests, it actually enhances their experience and makes monetisation easier.

Optimising Your Universal App Campaigns

Launched mid-2015, Google’s Universal App Campaigns (UAC) analyses millions of signals in real time to place your app in front of users who are most likely to download it. When properly implemented, a UAC campaign can drive more than 100% more conversions than the search giants other app promotion tools.

We make Install Volume the goal of your UAC, particularly if you have a new app or have made major updates to its features. Taking advantage of the power of Google’s machine learning, we adjust your budget and bids for maximum cost-effectiveness and control.

Talk To The Experts To Boost Your App Installs

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